"Next to stage was, Tanajah, a Maryland native currently in Raleigh . Performing tracks from her latest EP ‘May This Vibe Last Forever’.  Tanajah is new to the rap scene with a different vibe thats meant to entice and ‘Alignment’ the crowd with a higher meaning to life. With lines such as, “Be the outline and let God fill you in”, with time I think her message could have a far reach." - Brittany Cheri



"Tanajah, the “Giver of Good Vibes,” spreads the message of self love and positive energy. The Raleigh-based rapper will make you dream and dance all in the same night. Recently nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist for the Carolina Music Awards, her music sends the message to give love, be happy and follow your dreams no matter how big!" Paul Kerr


"Then there were the comedic antics of Tanjah, who ruled the stage despite wearing a boot cast on her broken foot. She looked as if she was home on the couch wearing sweats, watching television, and eating bon bons before slipping on a sneaker and arriving at the Pinhook to share a heaping helping of self-deprecating levity. 

Anyone incapable of laughter while watching Tanjah perform “Smile” is either dead, in a coma, or waiting on a prison sentence. 

“Smile! Even when life kicks your ass, smile!”" - Thomasi McDonald


"Tanajah has built a reputation for having the kind of live performances that are almost impossible to follow." - Kyesha Jennings