Ahead Beats feat. Ahead @ El Mundo

El Mundo, Jomfru Ane Gade 23, 1. 9000 , Aalborg, Denmark

Ahead Beats is a monthly event hosted by the Ahead hip-hop collective from Aalborg and Aarhus. The event features hand-played instrumental beats within the Hip-hop & Jazz genres and sometimes live MC's. You can expect a night with lots of Hip Hop and good vibes - everything from relaxing instrumental beats to explosive bangers! __ For the opening event, you can experience an energetic live show with the hip hop group Ahead, two authentic MCs from the USA, and a guitarist from Malta! 
 Ahead is a hip-hop band that both celebrates and challenges the beat base, cultivating a combination of the sounds of Detroit, NY and LA in the 90s. All this is linked together in a spherical, undulating, quivering sound universe!

Ahead is hand-played hip hop, but with them on stage are two American rappers Jaden Castro and Tanajah, both active hungry rappers from the USA, who together with Ahead create huge energy that you will want to be a part of!