Tiny Planet FM x ActUp!

Ridehuset, Vester Allé 1, Aarhus, Denmark

Tiny Planet FM has been working the entire Lockdown-Period in the shadows, doing our homework and we have been plotting & cooking up something very special and out of the ordinary for all of you Music, Art, Culture & Dance hungry people out there.

We don't wanna spoil to much buuuut....

...For this occasion we have gathered a diverse group of exceptional artists & guests from all around this Tiny Planet. We are flying in artists from the Netherlands, Austria, United States, Sweden, England, Latvia & Denmark. From Beatbox World Champion over Award winning Musicians, Upcoming Rap Geniuses, Two of the best House Dancers in the World & Sustainable Future Experts. We have not hesitated to bring you an entertainment-value-program, that you can't find nowhere else this summer in Aarhus.